First and Goal, Inc. was awarded an ASI Residency Funding Grant by CASE, Cooperative for After-School Enrichment - Harris County Department of Education for the spring and summer 2008. The program at Kandy Stripe Academy focused on leadership, character education, youth violence prevention and community outreach.

CASE After-School Initiative is funded in part by

Houston Endowment, Inc.

Determination and Desire

Journey Beyond Dreams 2008 Review and Recap

It was really special for me to be back at my alma mater, Baylor University, to give students a true outlook on what college is like through the “Journey Beyond Dreams” college experience program. The program was just a thought in my head seven years ago, but the reality is now that over 400 youth have benefited from the program since 2003. Wow!!!!! That is awesome.

The Journey Beyond Dreams College Experience Program at Baylor University was a success. Students from Houston, Conroe and Waco benefited this summer from an experience that they will never forget. The program exposed the students to college life and what it means to be a successful college student. Thanks to our sponsors from Shell Oil Company and Davis Hydro Power of Houston for making this program possible with their generous donations.

Students are seeing what it is like to be a college student.

The theme this year was "Success is a JOURNEY"

Our goal was to empower the students and let them know that they are already success in life however, their success in is an ongoing journey in life not a destination.

All smiles and thankful for the experience

"I really enjoyed this program and I sincerely thank all of you from the bottom of my heart. I am really excited about going to college now."
Passion Metcalf
Reagan High School - HISD