Running for a reason

Journalist and News Anchor, Katishia Cosley Trigg made a tremendous contribution, and showed vast will power and determination when she raised money for First and Goal, Inc. programs by running in the Houston marathon. Here is her story:


Katishia Cosley Trigg

I am by no means an athlete. The closest I’ve ever been to athletic was my days as a high school cheerleader and even that is questioned by many as to whether or not it’s a true sport! So, a year ago, I set out in search of something to help motivate me to be more active. I’ve never loved running, but it has always helped me shed unwanted pounds.

Last January I ran my first-ever 5K. Crossing that finish line gave me such a feeling of accomplishment, I immediately signed up for another. Once three miles became too easy, I challenged myself to a 10K. Finishing those six miles, made me feel like I could do anything! That’s when I set out to accomplish the ultimate challenge- running a marathon.

The training schedule was rigorous. For about eight months I ran at least five days a week. For the first couple of months I trained with a running group to help get me on my way, but ended up doing most of the training on my own. I started out jogging three miles, gradually increasing the number every week until I was strong enough to endure 22 miles.

The week leading up to race day, I was quite nervous, wondering if I was prepared to finish the full 26 miles. My stomach was still in knots the day of the race, but I had to remain positive, believing in myself that I could do it. The weather turned out to be much hotter than predicted, reaching the mid-70’s, but I still managed to run non-stop for 20 miles. That’s when I hit, what runner’s call “the wall.” I thought, what in the world made me think I could run a marathon. I started walking. As quickly as the negative thoughts entered my mind, I forced myself to shut them out; realizing that it would only slow me down. My legs felt like lead; my feet were aching; every single step sent stings of pain through my body, but I couldn’t quit. I dug deep, and started jogging again, much slower, but still moving. Next thing I knew, I only had a mile and a half to go. I was almost there! My husband met me a mile 25 giving me that last bit of motivation I needed to finish strong.

It took me five hours and 21 minutes, but I did it! Me, the non-athlete- ran a marathon! I’ve always been told, ‘you can do whatever you put your mind to’ and ‘if you believe it you can achieve it.’ Powerful words that I’ve always tried to live by life by. Words that continue to ring true to this day. Running the marathon leaves me with no doubt that no matter what you’re faced with, no matter your circumstances – if you stay positive and believe with your heart, you can achieve your goals. You truly hold the keys to your own destiny. You may even surprise yourself and do something you never thought in your wildest dreams you could ever do.

I can’t take credit for accomplishing this challenge alone. I had dozens of friends and family cheering me on. Their support and encouragement not only helped me cross the finish line, but also created an opportunity to give back to Team First and Goal. Many of them contributed a dollar or more for every mile I completed. Making us winners all the way around.


We would like to thank Katishia for her effort and here time for a making a difference in the lives of today's youth. We truly appreciate all of the sponsors that help support Katishia and their donations to help support First and Goal, Inc. programs.

Tyrone Smith


First and Goal, Inc.

Going Back Home

On January 28th I was the presenter at the 1st Annual Christa McAuliffe Day. It was held at Christa McAuliffe Middle School where I attended as an eighth grader in 1987. I was able encouraged the entire eight grade class to realize that they have purpose in life.

The presentation was filled with energy, excitement and enlightenment about living filled with purpose and a willingness to succeed.

I am receiving an award from Principal Sharon Delesbore of Christa McAuliffe. Principal Delesbore and I grow in the community where Christa McAuliffe is located and it special for me to go back to the middle school that I attended to encourage the students to be determined and focused in life.

I am pictured here with the entire staff of Christa McAuliffe Middle School

I felt the speech was true to have success in your life.

Brandon Brown

Tyrone Smith, I felt that it was very well presented and very well said.

Cordera Thomas

I thought the speech was enthusiastic. And you showed the true zeal about life and how we carry on in it to fulfill our destiny.

Jomal Walker

I thought that Tyrone Smith speech was inspiring it was awesome how he took time off for what he was doing to better us.

Kenya Ceasar

Tyrone Smith’s speech was very entertaining yet very educational. I really enjoyed it and learned a lot from it.

Tatiyani Robinson