Realizing Your Purpose

On October 28th Tyrone Smith had the opportunity to speak to students and staff at Baylor University Academy for Leader Development & Civic Engagement, Leadership in Contemporary Social Issues. It was truly special for Mr. Smith to go back to Baylor University where he graduated in May of 1995 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology. Tyrone Smith has taken the outstanding leadership skills that he possesses, and developed programs to help others learn the secrets to successful leadership. As co-founder of First and Goal, to become leaders in their personal and professional lives. His work with various groups has helped others not only gain the skills, but the confidence and character to become effective leaders.

Tyrone Smith pictured with Director, Romana Curtis and Administrative Assistant, Melinda Blomquist of the Academy for Leader Development & Civic Engagement

"Tyrone Smith has poured his passion and commitment into servant leadership," said Ramona Curtis, the director for Leader Development and Civic Engagement at Baylor. Student’s were inspired by his captivating and empowering words! His program transforms lives for current and future success.”

Ramona Curtis, Director
Academy for Leader Development & Civic Engagement
Baylor University


Hello Mr. Smith,
I just wanted to let you know that you had a great presentation and gave a great lecture. I truly admire what you are doing with the students and the program. I am a first generation college student myself, so I understand how nerve wrecking the first few steps of the college experience can be. I'm a sophomore but this is my first semester at Baylor.


“When Tyrone Smith presented to Baylor students this fall, he spoke from his life experience—and he also drew on his background in sociology to explain the social problems that youth face today. As a sociology professor, I was so excited to hear a graduate of our department using sociological concepts to explain his work to our undergraduates. Tyrone Smith, thanks for encouraging youth to pursue their dreams—and for serving the cause of public sociology!”

Dr. Lydia Bean

Professor of Sociology

Baylor University


Hi, I'm Josh Baker, a sophomore at Baylor University. Since I have been at Baylor I have attended a lot of speeches and I want you to know that I liked yours the most. Your speech was amazing. It was the first one I have attended that actually seemed to move me. When I left I felt inspired, motivated and ... I was filled with so many other emotions.